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From: Nils Weinander (
Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 23:39:09 EET

I am obviously failing miserably in presenting my
view in an intelligible fashion. However, this is
not a very important issue and I have no strong urge
to "prove" that I am "right" so I'll just make a
few select comments where my words have been more
than duly twisted.

> accept without qualification. You brush aside the Moon as "rather
> inaccessible" -- I can do just the same for the Air, or Darkness,
> or Chaos, or any other "element" of my choice.
- -..
> If you can "except" Lunar elementals from the general rule, then I
> can do the same to any elemental of my choosing

I didn't deny Moon its "elemental status", I just
said that I think the orlanthings have more of a reason
to be suspicious about it than the Pelorians have
to be about the five elements, for a very simple
reason: they haven't seen Moon manifestations for
very long.

Also, in an attempt to dispel misreadings of my words:
I do not think the Pelorians base their cosmology on
the elements, just that they acknowledge them as one
kind of force, which is perceptibly different from
other kinds of forces.

Are there any summonable otherworld creatures other
than elementals which have a very clear connection
to a natural entity (air, darkness, earth etc.), and

manifest as an augmented version of it? I have tried
to think of one but couldn't. So now I guess someone
_will_ point me to such a creature. In which case I
will smack my forehead and say "of course, scrap my
elemental theory".

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