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From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Thu 22 Jan 1998 - 02:02:32 EET

Pasanen Panu:

> Why the humans would not have accepted the elder race culture? This
> makes definite distinction to most fantasy worlds, AFAIK. The elder
> races, after all, are elder and thus wiser.

Hmm we should become like the Neanderthals or the Dinosaurs? Elder
does not automatically mean wiser by any stretch of the imagination.

> So they do. But they do not _hate everyone_. Many cultures should,
> and do hate some elder races/human groups, while they have lots
> better relations with some others. Why could the Darjinites gang
> on Alkothi with some alien allies, say, aldryami? Elves would
> like to revenge to the burner..

Sometimes they do and this has been pointed out over and over again.
But for you it is not enough for some unknown reason and they must
like each other even more seemingly unto the point where all humans
must love the elder races more than they like their neighbours. Which
jars with what we can see in history.

Me>> *The Morokanth don't count because they're confined to Prax
>> and the Wastelands, the Ducks are confined to swamps, Elves don't
>> count cause they live in different ecological zones etc due to
>> the limited imagination of the authors.

> See? They're put out of sight on purpose, so there would be less
> interaction (and that would then be wonderful and adventurous).
> Sure, if authors would have wanted so, the elder
> races could live on lands like mankind.

Learn to recognize sarcasm! This was a parody of your arguments.
For example, one can go onto the plains of prax and meet morokanth
quite easily. How you can continually claim that they are 'put away'
is a complete mystery to me.

> Look, putting
> trolls to dark places is like imagining monsters under your
> bed in the night. And like thinking that the abandoned house

> is haunted. So usual, and, somewhat boring.

So where would you have trolls? In the bright open places? For
all your railings against the limited imagination of the authors,
you have no presented one credible reason why the Elder Races should
go outside their preferred living area en masse.

>>> And people therein are happy, and more Gloranthan than the others, IMO.
>> How can people be less gloranthan if they hate elder races?

> Did not say so.

But it follows from 'more gloranthan than others'.

> But you could substitute Joe from RW to a human
> village, and he would not be seeing any more monsters than
> here.

In Dragon Pass (Uz, Beastpeople, Ducks, Elves, Tusk Riders,
Dwarves, Newtlings and Dragonewts amongst other creatures)?
In Prax (Broos, Morokanth and Uz?) Even in Seshnela, one
can find Dwarves and Centaurs. I hate to be blunt Panu but
this claim is unadulterated bullshit.

> Gloranthan humans are not supposed to be RW humans, even if their
> cultures are inspired by RW examples, right?

What ever gives you this impression. If they are not RW humans
than why do we have humans in glorantha?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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