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Date: Thu 22 Jan 1998 - 06:37:48 EET

Nick Brooke
>Dendara is *much* more a good-wife goddess than an
>Ernalda-style agricultural goddess. Think Hera, not Demeter.

I find this analogy to be _extremely_ accurate, since Hera did have some
atmospheric aspects, and I think she had some earth goddess aspects as
well (sending serpents to kill Hercules, some fertility stuff). But her
most important aspect was to be the Wife of Zeus.

Peter Metcalfe
>This gregging leaves untouched the nature of the Kralori
>Dendara so she may still be an earth goddess there.

Leaving aside the likely fact that "Dendara" is merely a GoG/GL name for
a cognate (but not identical) goddess in Kralorela, I disagree. Since the
Emperor of Kralorela is at least as much into Emperorship as is DH Yelm,
I think Dendara's equivalent in Kralorela is the Divine Empress, with
little in the way of Earth powers.

>But I think her cult is more of a duality with the Kralori Gorgorma than
>is depicted in the old sources.

A lot of this depends on exactly who and what the Gorgorma-equivalent
goddess is in Kralorela. I _will_ be happy if there is no equivalent to
Oria there, so that we do have such a duality. However, I wonder how much

association with Ignorance in Bliss (if any) the Gorgorma goddess has.

Sergio stands alone, more power to him!
>- - Dwarves living underground with human settlements on the surface.
>human would protect the dwarves from other Elder races' marauders.

Yeah, dwarfs would trust humans to defend them against elves and trolls.
And they wouldn't be worried about humans stealing their secrets, it has
never happened before (Iron, Smithing, Zistor).

>- - Elf forests with human settlements around. Same pattern then above.

Yeah, humans would never think of chopping down trees to make houses or
burn for fuel.

>- - Trolls living with humans. Humans have day light activity and trolls

>night activity. Bether protection for both, different resources being

Yeah, humans don't mind living in an environment where giant spiders and
cockroaches might eat them at any moment. They will happily help the
trolls denude the land for miles around to feed their trollkin slaves.
Shoot, most humans _like_ the taste of trollkinburgers!

I am not trying to make fun of you Sergio, merely trying to point out
that your viewpoints are somewhat unrealistic. Everything that you have
described does occur somewhere in Glorantha, but only in small groups and
rarely -- humans and trolls in Kitori lands, and Kingdom of Ignorance;

elves and humans in fringes of Pamaltelan jungles, especially on Maslo
where they are pretty much equals; humans and dwarfs in Pavis, Slon, and
Caladraland (to an extent).

You compare humans, dwarfs, elves, and trolls to other mammals, and say
that the humanoids are a lot more like each other. But you ignore that
elves are literally plants, not mammals; that dwarfs are called Clay
Mostali for a very good reason; that trolls have more in common with
their giant insects and giant spiders than they do with humans, on many
levels at least. A human thinks more like a dog or a whale than he does
like an elf, dwarf, or even a troll, IMO.

There was more. but I am behind on the Digests, and know others have said
it. More amusingly, too.

Stephen Martin
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