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>Now I believe that ties in with the mongol parallel well. If we have a
>similar situation with Kralorela and our own Far East, then maybe there
>is a thriving spice industry taking place through Pent. If the
>Kralorelans have exotic spices then I'm sure there'll be an enourmous
>market for them in the Lunar Empire.

As others have mentioned, it's controlled by the Redhair tribe. Given
that these people are lunarised janissaries, one could have an opulent
tent city here ruled by a sordid khan. However this khan has been very
devious in that he doesn't let the Empire know of the other interesting
places in Pent (he certainly hasn't told them of the Storm Pentans). I
presume that way he can act as a middleman between the Lunars and the
rest of the Pentans.

Other places in Pent are bound to exist. Orathorn is infamous for having
provided sorcerers that are the equal of the Lunar Empire at the Nights
of Horrors. David Dunham some time ago found a description of a scythian
forge which prompted Greg to describe it as the place where the First
Sword fell from the Sky. At the very least, these places should represent
meeting places for the nomadic tribes much like the oases of prax, jolar
and the wastelands.

The places aren't going to be as populous as Pavis, Glamour, Sog City
and so forth but they still should be very very exotic. Some places
would be forts with imported serfs (since Seleris's time) working the
land under the protection of the local potentate who rules several
tribes through fear. Others should be magical holy spots where various
magicians work wonders.

>The Pentians, being half Kralorelan, could deal successfully with the
>Kralorelans in the east (though I know little of the kingdom of

In Kralori eyes, the only good Pentans are dead ones. Ignorance is
a special case and they can trade more freely there although the
pentans would have to make a hazardous journey through Jankley Bore
(where the luminous nose of sorry, ghost of Sun Storm's
Third Eye can be found).

- --Peter Metcalfe


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