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Steve Rennell:

>Especially considering KoS has several different (and incompatible)
>stories about what Argrath was up to at any one time. The only
>instance that comes to mind is that in one place it says Argrath was
>fighting on the Cradle, and in another place it says he was hiding in
>the city avoiding trouble at the time of the Cradle. Which one
>is right? Does it matter?

What ever happened to the theory of the multiple Argraths? Argrath
in Sartarite is merely a word meaning 'liberator'. So it is
possible for two people (even a PC) to go around calling themself

Nils Weinander:

>I didn't deny Moon its "elemental status", I just
>said that I think the orlanthings have more of a reason
>to be suspicious about it than the Pelorians have
>to be about the five elements, for a very simple
>reason: they haven't seen Moon manifestations for
>very long.

The Lune manifestation has been around for 400 years. The
Selene has been around even longer since the dawn of time.
The scholars who made the five elemental cosmology should have
cottoned on by now.

>I do not think the Pelorians base their cosmology on
>the elements, just that they acknowledge them as one
>kind of force, which is perceptibly different from
>other kinds of forces.

Why should they see it as perceptibly different from other
kinds of forces? What's the difference between an sylph
and a whirlvish? What about Spectres and Shades? Why can't
one summon a light or cold elemental (other than there's no
roolz for them)?

Sergio Mascarenhas:

> The problem is that IMO it relys strongly on our RW experiences.

Well what else have we got? We want glorantha to be fun, interesting
and realistic. So far I've seen no alternative sources.

>Glorantha could be different. I think that
>we could find humans coexisting with ER and both keeping their cultures.
>Why? Some of the main drivers for cultural integration in human populations
>don't aply to human-to-ER interaction: cross-breeding; similar occupations;
>same life cycles; etc.

The Elder Races compete with the humans in terms of land use.

Dwarves: Industrial pollution. Ever wondered why the ground of Slon
is mud and cracked hardpan? Why are the humans reliant on food,
clothing and shelter by the mostali where they can make a honest living

Elves: Heavy Forest. Given that they do nasty things to you if you cut
down trees without permission or violate (unwittingly) a taboo, this
imposes whopping huge restrainsts on what humans may or may not do.
If the farm grows too populous, they can't chop down trees to make more
room for their crops which means that some people are going to go

Trolls: They tend to eat anything that moves. Look at the impact
of trollkin on the environment. Now try and grow a farm...

Thus to live right next to one another, either the humans or
the elder races are going to have to modify their basic habits.
This will impact directly upon the culture. There are no ifs
and buts about it.

>Also, population in Glorantha is sparse. Different races could live nearby
>with an high degree of interaction (including war, but not only war).

In places like Dara Happa, Safelster/Tanisor, Loskalm and Esrolia?
There's very little opportunity to practice alternative lifestyles
there. A troll hunter and an elf will find it impossible to live
there according to his culture.

>And you may very well live with other people without giving out your
>culture, if you accept to give out power.

Of course we'll let ourselves be enslaved by the trolls and give them
our babies and our cattle when they feel hungry! Of course we'll starve
to death because there is too much of us as the Elves say etc. I don't
know about you but I do feel a lot safer living under a human leader
where he at least understands basic human needs.

>Sometimes it's even better if you
>keep your culture: like in RW, when the dominant and the dominated ar of
>the same race, the dominant can prefer not to enforce their culture on you
>to keep the line that separates both peoples well delineated.

Name one culture where this was so. I think you'll find that in nearly
all cases, the culture of the dominated has changed dramatically with
respect to things that offend the culture of the dominator.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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