Dark spooky places; Carmainian Horrors; & compatability

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Date: Thu 22 Jan 1998 - 13:16:31 EET

Hi All,

Elder Races in the closet

Sergio writes
> Look, putting
> trolls to dark places is like imagining monsters under your
> bed in the night. And like thinking that the abandoned house
> is haunted. So usual, and, somewhat boring.

 I hate to step into stormy waters when I usually don't paddle...
, but there is obvious difference between putting Trolls in dark
 places <I thought they'd put themselves in all the good spots
anyway - Uz viewpoint :) > and imagining monsters in haunted houses.
 ie the Trolls are not imagined, they are actually there (in Glorantha


This point links in a way to Loren's excellent method for producing
Carmanian horrors. Should all of these horrors have a "real" Gloranthan
existance, or be the stuff of nightmares and camp fire tales ?
If I remember right, doesn't "Vikings" have a scene with a "Dragon"
which turns out to be a "more mundane" monster ? Perhaps many of the
tales told of these beasts are based on unexplained events, or carcases
from Snow Lion kills, or whatever.

Perhaps some of the Carmanian monsters are only or primarily met in local
hero quests, rather than encountered on the mundane plane ?
Maybe they are foes from myth to be overcome to gain Rune Magic ? Or
phantoms from a mythical age that can only interact with dreamers etc.?

Game compatibility

Just a thought on the new game, I understand that it cannot be RQ but
I think it is important that it can be converatible. One of the good things

about the RQ2 to RQ3 conversion steps was it allowed RQ2 junkies to convert
in the other direction. I think it is highly desirable that certain elements
like POW, common magic/spirit magic, and rune magic etc are maintained in

 some form. I would just like to be able to visualise RQ PCs & NPCs in the new
game & vice versa, as is currently easily done with PDP.

Well I've rambled for much longer than I intended and it's way past my lurking
time. See you all - Chris.

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