_Hidden_ Elder Races

From: David Weihe (weihe@eagle.danetinc.com)
Date: Thu 22 Jan 1998 - 18:07:26 EET

I think Pasanen Panu (if not, apologies)
> > But you could substitute Joe from RW to a human
> > village, and he would not be seeing any more monsters than
> > here.

This idea is as valid as saying that the Ivar the Norse cottar from the
8th century AD never sees Finns, those strange and magical beings, because
they are unimaginatively placed in the fens at the edges of the world.

Just because some Joe average peasant doesn't see the non-ordinary humans
every day, or even every year, doesn't mean anything other than that Joe
doesn't get around much.

Likewise, you are looking at it purely from the human point of view.
I wouldn't be surprized if Uz children are warned to be good, or the
fire and iron wielding hoomans will come and get them some day (as in
daytime, now time off in the future). Otherwise, how often does the
average Uz in Dagori Inkarth see humans?


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