Kralori Dendara

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Date: Thu 22 Jan 1998 - 13:25:03 EET

Stephen Martin:
>Peter Metcalfe
>>This gregging leaves untouched the nature of the Kralori
>>Dendara so she may still be an earth goddess there.

>Since the
>Emperor of Kralorela is at least as much into Emperorship as is DH Yelm,
>I think Dendara's equivalent in Kralorela is the Divine Empress, with
>little in the way of Earth powers.

Doubtful. The Emperor of Kralorela at the moment is Godunya who
ascended to the throne at the age of seventy-three and has slowly
been going senile over the past centuries (the struggle with

Sheng not having helped matters). He's more likely to be pottering
around in the garden and wandering the corridors of the imperial
palace at night (with anxious eunuchs looking on in both cases)
than enjoying strong healthy conjugal relations with his missus.
Thus there is little need in Kralorela for an Empress cult IMO.

This is not to say that there's never been one. But the last
time it was used, almost nobody remembers.

Secondly the Kralori Dendara has been described as:
        'Dendara is the Mother of Life. She serves her husband,
        Emperor Yelm, as the superior wife should serve her
        husband. She provides us with raiment, drink, and her
        daughter the Rice Mother.'

So it seems to me that she is a women's goddess with some earth

>>But I think her cult is more of a duality with the Kralori Gorgorma than
>>is depicted in the old sources.

>A lot of this depends on exactly who and what the Gorgorma-equivalent
>goddess is in Kralorela. I _will_ be happy if there is no equivalent to
>Oria there, so that we do have such a duality.

It seems to me the duality would be best understood in terms of Good
Woman/Mother-in-law rather than them being sisters. That way, the
women can hate the Kralori Gorgorma too. After all, given the

description of her as:

        'a frightening mirage, a loathsome horror, noisome, squalid,
        and evil-shaped. She lurches through the nightmares of the
        Children of Heaven and besmirches the lovely robes of
        beauteous Dendara. Yet gladly would we embrace a thousand
        such lamentable horrors to retain Dendara's delightful

sounds like an *excellent* description of the traditional view of

- --Peter Metcalfe


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