Interaction beetween PC and NPC

From: Christoph Luehr (
Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 21:13:48 EET

Hi all,

here's my POV about interaction beetween PCs and NPCs:

I love a very special kind of interaction:

I let the players meet the famous NPCs unknowingly, so starting major
historical events without even knowing it. Later, days or weeks after
the event, the players notice what they have done, in pocitive or in
negative. In the later case thats gives the players the opportunity
to go on a new adventure to solve the problem they themselves had

In add I like it to let the players witness historical events. So I
started my Orlanthi-Campaign with the Starbrow Rebellion and will
also let them go to the Holy County when Pharao disapears. Of course
the players play no signifant part in the events, only witness it.

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