Balastor's Axe....

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Date: Thu 22 Jan 1998 - 22:04:46 EET

A good point about the long term effects of one of the earliest scenarios.

In my Glorantha, the axe was picked up by a greedy adventurer. A greedy
*female* adventurer who found herself spending the rest of eternity as an
allied spirit in a cult she didn't even belong to.

The shock of finding (him)self in a body that was much smaller and weaker than
the one he was used to caused Balastor to spend several years adjusting (his)
personality and outlook. However the Lady Bara is now firmly ensconsced as the
Power Behind The Throne at the Pavis Temple. (Many people think she did it by
sleeping with the High Priest: they do not repeat this in her presence twice.)

Some PCs got to go on an expedition to get some Royal Jelly but I don't believe
anyone in my current groups know who the strange lady with the powerful axe
really is. Bara is conspiring with at least one of the Argraths and will be
there to fulfill the prophesied role of bringing down the Lunar temple at the
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