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Date: Thu 22 Jan 1998 - 21:52:59 EET

Just some random thoughts about the stuff I've been reading recently along with
stuff that has been happening in my campaigns.

1) Given that all the Elder Race PCs are 'abnormal': in what sort of ways will
loosing their social context and being dumped in an alien one typically affect
each species? Will some be like Worf in ST: "I may wear a Star Fleet uniform and
drink prune juice but in *all other ways* I am more Klingon than any other
Klingon you will meet!" And will some try (pathetically) to be more human than
the humans? And will some get by most days but fall into fits of depression when
they stop and contemplate their terrible fate?

2) One of my PCs is an Argan Argar troll trader who has just escaped from an
island on which he was trapped for a year as the sex-slave of a sea nymph. He
wants to take advantage of the increase this has caused in his Craft: Courtesan
skill to join the Uleria cult. Does anyone think there is a market for a troll
gigolo in Refuge? And does this matter from an initiation point of view?

3) A group of my players were on the Cradle but chose to leave before the end
battle (they were on another mission that involved getting to the East Isles and
decided that this was more important). What sort of a reputation will *that*
give them I wonder?

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