Yes, Virginia, there is a GloranthaCon VII

Date: Thu 22 Jan 1998 - 21:36:32 EET

Glorantha Con VII

May 22-25, 1998
LAX Wyndham Hotel
Los Angeles, California

Guests of Honor are Greg Stafford and Robin Laws. This convention will
feature the debut of the new Glorantha RPG, with seminars and demos
featuring the new rules. GloranthaCon VII is being run in conjunction with
the GameX Convention.

You can find a listing of all the various Glorantha Conventions at
WWW.Glorantha.Com in the "Coming Events" section.

You may ask "Why is it being held so close to Tentacles over Bacharach (the
German Con, May 29-Jun 1)?"

  Many, if not most, of the North American Glorantha fans are unable to
  attend Tentacles, and the decision was made to have a May convention.
  GameX was amenable to a joined convention, reducing the work needed to
  run Glorantha Con.

We will soon have registration forms available on, but
until then, please contact Janice Sellers at for more

I'm currently accepting applications for events (Games, seminars,
Strange-and-outlandish-customs such as Trollball, Storytelling, Cooking,
etc). If you wish to run a game, sponser an event, or participate in a
seminar, please contact myself at for more

We are looking for experienced Glornathan GMs to run sessions of the new
Glorantha the RPG. GtRPG gamemasters will play a game with Robin as he
explains the rules, and will be expected to run one or two games (scenario
provided) at GloranthaCon. Priority for GMs will be for experienced
Glorantha GMs who plan to attend Origens and/or GenCon. If you are an
experienced interested, please fill in the following form and send it to:

Glorantha Con VII Events Coordinator


Glorantha the RPG GM Submission for GloranthaCon VII
Send to:

Email address:

Are you an Experienced Glorantha GM?

Are you planning to attend Origens and/or Gencon?



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