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Gorgorma & Dendara:


> >But I think her cult is more of a duality with the Kralori Gorgorma than
> >is depicted in the old sources.
> A lot of this depends on exactly who and what the Gorgorma-equivalent
> goddess is in Kralorela. I _will_ be happy if there is no equivalent to
> Oria there, so that we do have such a duality. However, I wonder how much
> association with Ignorance in Bliss (if any) the Gorgorma goddess has.


>It seems to me the duality would be best understood in terms of Good
>Woman/Mother-in-law rather than them being sisters. That way, the
>women can hate the Kralori Gorgorma too.

Or perhaps Den Xi is the epitome of the good Kralorelan
wife: beautiful, servile, chaste, industrious while
Gong Xi is the bad wife: ugly, quarrelsome, promiscuous

and lazy.

Peter on Dendara:
>She provides us with raiment, drink, and her
> daughter the Rice Mother.'
>So it seems to me that she is a women's goddess with some earth

Raiment = protectress of silkworms?
Drink = goddess of wine or whatever they prefer to drink?
Mother of a grain goddess.

That doesn't necessarily require an earth connection.
Domestic yes, but earth powers are optional.

Related Kralorelan stuff:

Peter again:

>The Emperor of Kralorela at the moment is Godunya who
>ascended to the throne at the age of seventy-three and has slowly
>been going senile over the past centuries

Senile? Where did you get that from? The emperor is
a _dragon_ in human shape. Do they really go senile?

Elements: (yeah yeah, I'll shut up soon)

> >I didn't deny Moon its "elemental status", I just
> >said that I think the orlanthings have more of a reason
> >to be suspicious about it than the Pelorians have
> >to be about the five elements, for a very simple
> >reason: they haven't seen Moon manifestations for
> >very long.
> The Lune manifestation has been around for 400 years. The
> Selene has been around even longer since the dawn of time.
> The scholars who made the five elemental cosmology should have
> cottoned on by now.

Read my post, the _Orlanthings_ haven't seen lunes for
very long. The lunars haven't been around their parts
for more than 100-200 years.

> kinds of forces? What's the difference between an sylph
> and a whirlvish? What about Spectres and Shades?

What's a spectre in Gloranthan context? I have never
heard of those. However, whirlvishes are a strong

indicator that my theory has flaws.

> Why can't
> one summon a light or cold elemental (other than there's no
> roolz for them)?

I have to make an excursion here, since I had an idea
the other day. In the common rune system Light and
Heat are components/sub-runes of Fire/Sky. So, I
have toyed with looking on the Light rune as representing
the Sky and the Heat rune as elemental fire. The
"complete" rune would then be for sky gods with an
elemental fire connection.



>By saying that Air, or Darkness, or the Moons, or Chaos, *are*
>"natural" entities, you're effectively prejudging the outcome
>of your test. If the Dara Happans (or whoever) don't accept
>this, the test never even starts -- Sylphs, Shades, Selenes,
>Lunes and Gorp all fall at the first hurdle. "How can anything
>which had no place in Yelm's Golden Empire be 'natural'?"

Ah! {watch dim light bulb hovering above Nils' head}.
Now I see what you are getting at. We are writing about
two different kinds of natural. I mean natural as "occurring
in the natural environs" while I take it that you mean it
rather as "according to the moral laws".

The outcome then would rest on the degree to which the
Dara Happans (somewhere along the way, this came to
about them, not other Pelorians) conflate these two.
The more nature and morals are equated, the less the
elemental distinction means.

Significant PCs:


>I want my PCs
>to be part of THE Glorantha. Furthermore I want them to be able to play
>a significant part in THE Glorantha.

You really can't have THE Glorantha. Everybody is bound
to make personal assumptions now and then. Still, I
can't see why your PCs cannot be important people in
the Hero Wars. After all, only some major heroes in
the Argrath/Lunar conflict are mentioned in detail,
while it is said that as many as 40 Heroes were active
at the time.

So who are the other 30-odd? Your PCs of course! Also,
there is very little said about the major heroes of
other parts of the world than the Dragon Pass area.
And there are certainly things going on all around.
Who are the western heroes who try to thwart the
Kingdom of War? Who are the Pamaltelan heroes who
stop the chaos teeming out of the Nargan Desert?
We don't even have any details about the events in
the east.

Even the major arena has room for more heroes. For
example, what if Argrath needed a lot of help
assembling the magical powers and artifacts he used?
What if the ideas to get some of them weren't even
his own?

Weird idea time. What if Shargash and Solar Storm
from Bliss in Ignorance are the same/related mythical
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