Elder Races

From: Mmohrfield (Mmohrfield@aol.com)
Date: Fri 23 Jan 1998 - 00:22:44 EET

I've been reading the Elder race thread for awhile and have decided to throw
in my two clacks; guys, there's plenty of room for everybody! Instead of
complaining about how all of Glorantha doesn't conform to your idea of how the
different species should interact, pick the place that has the kind of
interaction you want and set the campaign there. You want humans and elves at
war? Go to Fronela during the reforestation! You want humans and elves
cooperating? Go to the elf kingdoms of Umathela or Elamle! You want Trolls
dominating humans? Go to the Shadowlands during the Only Old One's rule! You
want humans dominating trolls? Go to the Holy Country during the rule of the
Pharoah! You want humans and dwarfs living side by side? Go to Slon! You want
dwarfs and humans trying to ignore each other? Go to Diamond Mountain! You
want everyone at peace with everyone? Go to the First Council or to Jrustela!
You want everyone fighting each other? Go to Fornoar! That covers alot of
possibilities, and you can probably find more if you look for them.

Mark Mohrfield


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