Elder Wisdom

From: Joerg Baumgartner (joe@toppoint.de)
Date: Fri 23 Jan 1998 - 00:49:00 EET

Panu Pasanen
> Elder races do know stuff human cultures don't, cause theyve been
> around lot longer. They have magics and secrets more primal etc.

Okay, Panu. Let's take some of the oldest races and cultures in Glorantha.
Say, the Golden Age people of Prax. They are still around - the oasis people
of Prax.

Go ask them about the glory of the Paps, Ronance's roads, or the Copper Sands.

Most members of the Elder Races haven't seen the Green Age or the Golden Age
in person. Does hearsay about these times make them ancient and wise?

I guess a couple of living Iron Mostali have seen the Gods War. They still
are the fighting force of the Mostali. Have they learned anything?

Some while ago Sandy said somethingabout a player who insisted to play a
dwarf who was
 - lithe, about 6 foot tall
 - without any facial hair
 - loved trees
 - had pointy ears
or so... at a convention.

When challenged that this wasn't quite what a dwarf was, she replied that
she didn't want to play a stereotype dwarf. She didn't see that there was no
point in calling an DnD elf a dwarf...

BTW: Does Chaosium have the Saurintology and/or Trilobites flyers available
on their website? I hope so...

I'm getting bigger and bigger yawns out of this bashing.

Could everybody please state what they want (unless it's the status quo)?
That might abbreviate this debate.


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