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Date: Fri 23 Jan 1998 - 01:44:45 EET

Stephen Martin:

>A subtly different suggestion -- perhaps the Glacier has _receded_ during
>the Ban of Fronela? Outsiders wouldn't know it until the Ban started to
>recede, and even then it would take decades for most civilizations to
>discover it.

The big problem is that we wouldn't get any indigenous population
(like the Neechen) there because of the Ban.

>The main reason I prefer this scenario isthat a recession of Valind's
>Glacier seems more likely to me than an advance, since we know for a fact
>that the temperature in northern Genertela has been getting warmer over
>the last few centuries, thanks to the Lunars.

This only applies to Peloria AFAIK. Fronela should still have harsh

>This also has the advantage
>that most published maps are accurate for most of history, instead of
>having to say that most of them are accurate only after 1575 or so.

Only two schematic maps are affected in Trollpak and the placement of
the Glacier in there is uncertain. There's enough error in those maps
to justify a placement of a strip of tundra about a couple hundred
kilometres wide between Winterwood (and Porent and Rathorela) and the

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