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From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Fri 23 Jan 1998 - 04:06:43 EET

Nils Weinander:

Me>>The Emperor of Kralorela at the moment is Godunya who
>>ascended to the throne at the age of seventy-three and has slowly
>>been going senile over the past centuries

>Senile? Where did you get that from?

Prosopaedia: 'In his rare public appearances...'. What type of
leader do we know of that makes 'rare' public appearances? The

first thing that pops into my mind is: Old, Sick Communists
such as Stalin, Brezhnev, Deng Xiaping, Mao Tse-tung, Kim Il
Sung (the younger Kim would also qualify but he's not old) etc.
Which gives a plausible explanation for Godunya without relying
on the hoary old wise emperor.

>The emperor is a _dragon_ in human shape. Do they really go senile?

Correction: He is _said_ to be a Dragon in human shape. We
have never seen him in draconic shape. Even the prosopaedia
distinguishes between what is happening to him and what his
supporters say. I'm not denying that he has imposing spiritual
powers just that I'm pointing out that Godunya has a side that
is all too human. It worked well for the Red Emperor and so it
should work for Godunya.

Godunya has been a belt-buckle salesmen for seventy-three years
before the Exarchs elevated him to be the Ruler of All Things.
He was probably ignorant of his destiny beforehand and was utterly
bemused at his elevation. Since then, everything he remembers
has been changed. His wife and kids are all dead and the Imperial
Clan are but strangers to him. Hsin Yin, where he lived a happy
life, is now a strange bustling metropolis; the old landmarks were
destroyed long ago by Sheng Seleris. He is virtually one of the
few people who remembers dimly the Old Days and when he tries to
speak with the other Kralori who were around in those days, he
finds they have nothing in common. He has been waiting for
release for so long that he has difficulty remembering what he
is waiting for.

If a freeform was ever run for Kralorela then Godunya would be a
quiet chap who sat in the corner reminscing about the past while
his courtiers plot against each other. Once in a while, he would
come up with some demented plan (Sink the Pharaonic Fleet! Hold
a funeral for the Outside World!) and everyone would fall over
themselves to obey.

Of course if you just want Godunya as being an ageless
dragon-in-human-form, then I can't stop you. But I do feel
Kralorela would be a less interesting place if you ignored
the human side of things.


Me>> The Lune manifestation has been around for 400 years. The
>> Selene has been around even longer since the dawn of time.
>> The scholars who made the five elemental cosmology should have
>> cottoned on by now.

>Read my post, the _Orlanthings_ haven't seen lunes for
>very long. The lunars haven't been around their parts
>for more than 100-200 years.

Selenes are not summoned by Lunars alone. Trolls can and
have summoned them around the Orlanthi ever since the Dawn.
And the Orlanthi have known of Lunes ever since the Kingdom
of Tarsh was founded. IMHO that's more than sufficient
time for the orlanthi to become aware of the existance of

>What's a spectre in Gloranthan context? I have never
>heard of those.

Illusion elementals.

>I have to make an excursion here, since I had an idea
>the other day. In the common rune system Light and
>Heat are components/sub-runes of Fire/Sky. So, I
>have toyed with looking on the Light rune as representing
>the Sky and the Heat rune as elemental fire. The
>"complete" rune would then be for sky gods with an
>elemental fire connection.]

But completeness is really a matter of definition. One
could claim that the Light Elemental is the pure elemental
and that the salamander is really an gross corruption of
this. Put a caucasian, an african and an aborigine together.
Which one is the purest form? You cannot make a definition
that will be objectively true for everyone in either case.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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