Elder races preferred environments

From: Andrew Raphael (raphael@research.canon.com.au)
Date: Fri 23 Jan 1998 - 10:06:18 EET

>Why their preferred living areas must be so different from human lands?
>IMO, uz would cheerfully take any and all forested and rich lands given
>half a change. Mostali factories could very well be above the ground in

>some places.

The Uz would, for preference, return to the Underworld instead of the
living in Hurtplace, but since half the day Yelm is there it's now just
as bad as, say, Dagori Inkarth. The troll lands weren't as horrible as
we think they are before the trolls arrived. They are like that
because they were made like that by the trolls so they could feel

The preferred Mostali environment is the built environment. They don't
care if it's above ground or below ground as long as it's
architecture. Below ground is more defensible, that's all, and there's
more room below ground (volume of a cube, area of top surface of

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