Game Compatibility, Dendara, spectres

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Date: Fri 23 Jan 1998 - 09:45:56 EET

Chris Ward
>I think it is highly desirable that certain elements
>like POW, common magic/spirit magic, and rune magic etc are maintained
>some form. I would just like to be able to visualise RQ PCs & NPCs in
the >new game & vice versa, as is currently easily done with PDP.

Yeah, it would be nice, but I wouldn't count on it.

Mike Mittmann gets a good one in on Nick:
>>You mean like committing genocide and killing gods, the way those
>>classic GDQ modules end up? Sorry, Glorantha's not written to be that
>>kind of world.
>I guess I'll have to re-read King Of Sartar. Or is your point that
>is written so only NPCs get to commit genocide and kill gods?

I'm not trying to cap on Nick, just to congratulate Mike on a rare chance
to get the better of our Nick. BTW, congratulations Nick, I just heard!

Peter Metcalfe
>The Emperor of Kralorela at the moment is Godunya who
>ascended to the throne at the age of seventy-three and has slowly
>been going senile over the past centuries

Sorry, I was unclear in my statement -- I meant that Dendara was likely
to be the Empress of the first true Kralorelan Emperor, Shavaya, and as
such would have an empress cult to go with his emperor cult. We know he
is worshiped, and that he is the father of the Rice Mother, so that makes
D. his wife, right?

>What's a spectre in Gloranthan context?
A spectre is an intelligent illusion. Fairly rare, though the published
Cult of the Black Sun can almost make them. Take an illusion, and somehow
give it illusory intelligence, and you have a specter.

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