Elder Races, Elements

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Date: Thu 22 Jan 1998 - 20:57:21 EET

>> But you could substitute Joe from RW to a human
>> village, and he would not be seeing any more monsters than
>> here.
>In Dragon Pass (Uz, Beastpeople, ...
>In Prax (Broos, Morokanth and Uz?) Even in Seshnela, ...
>I hate to be blunt Panu but

>this claim is unadulterated bullshit.

Panu's statement does hold true, however, for large portions of Ralios
and the West. If you *like* non-humans to be rare & almost mythical, set

your game there. Not my FOX, but I'm sure there are parts of Ralios that
are very similar to DP but without the funny critters.

>>Are there any summonable otherworld creatures other than
>>elementals which have a very clear connection to a natural
>>entity (air, darkness, earth etc.)...
>"How can anything
>which had no place in Yelm's Golden Empire be 'natural'?"

OK, what would the DH say are "natural entities" - what are the 'natural
elements' of the DH cosmos? If Light is an Element, it could have
"Shines", or "Lumes", or "Luxi" ...

One of the things I like about Glorantha is that it has Darkness as an
element - it's not one of the usual 4 (f'rex. Moorcock), and on it's own
really sets G aside from most other fantasy settings. The thing that
that bothered me about it is, why (mythically) is darkness banished by
light? What event so weakened the Darkness element that a non-elemental
force held such a power over it? I suppose the same could be said about
Cold vs Fire, but that relationship is not as absolute.

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