Re: Non-human anthropomorphism

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Fri 23 Jan 1998 - 13:00:31 EET

Sergio :

>Conclusion: IMO all those species are related mammals with similar
>mind-sets. They have minor biological differences (minor in the sense
>the difference between a dwarf and a troll is minor compared to the
>difference between any of them and a dragon), and minor mind-set
>differences. Most of what makes them different is culture.

Well, this might be true in your Glorantha, but we know for a fact that
in 'official' Glorantha Aldryami are plants, not mamals. They are
planted in the earth as seeds and are 'born' as young adults out of a
fleshy fruit-like pod.

On the psychology front Sandy petersen - on eof the authors of Trollpak
- - has said that, in Freudian terms, Trolls only have an id. They have no

ego or superego. That's a lot more than a minor mind-set difference.

I'm sorry Sregio, but your basic assumptions, on which all of your
arguments are based, are only true in your own Glorantha.



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