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> >Senile? Where did you get that from?
> Prosopaedia: 'In his rare public appearances...'. What type of
> leader do we know of that makes 'rare' public appearances? The
> first thing that pops into my mind is: Old, Sick Communists
> such as Stalin, Brezhnev, Deng Xiaping, Mao Tse-tung, Kim Il
> Sung (the younger Kim would also qualify but he's not old) etc.
> Which gives a plausible explanation for Godunya without relying
> on the hoary old wise emperor.

OK, but there is really nothing that says that frequent
public appearance is the norm for a Kralorelan emperor
(in my Glorantha it isn't). The rarity of Godunya's
public presence could just as well be because he is so
incredibly busy running whatever mystical business, or
because he is physically frail (which is my theory),
while still in full command of his mental faculties.

> >The emperor is a _dragon_ in human shape. Do they really go senile?
> Correction: He is _said_ to be a Dragon in human shape.

Counter-correction, he is said to be a human with a
dragon soul. And so I believe he is, because if he was
just a human with lots of magic power because of the
worship he receives, then Kralorela would be a far
less interesting place.

> Of course if you just want Godunya as being an ageless
> dragon-in-human-form, then I can't stop you. But I do feel
> Kralorela would be a less interesting place if you ignored
> the human side of things.

On the other hand, if everything is human and nothing
is allowed to be larger than life, living myth, then
it's also pretty dull.

Well, you prefer a "smaller" and more mundane Glorantha,
I prefer more high fantasy. That's fine, and drawing
conclusions from a single paragraph is just conjecture
from both parts, not canon. So, to all opinions above
I add IMO, IMG and whatever TLAs are needed.

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