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From: Sergio Mascarenhas (
Date: Fri 23 Jan 1998 - 17:53:02 EET

Simon Hibbs:
>> Conclusion: IMO all those species are related mammals with
>> similar mind-sets. They have minor biological differences (minor
>> in the sense that the difference between a dwarf and a troll is
>> minor compared to the difference between any of them and a
>> dragon), and minor mind-set differences. Most of what makes
>> them different is culture.
> Well, this might be true in your Glorantha, but we know for a fact
> that in 'official' Glorantha Aldryami are plants, not mamals. They are
> planted in the earth as seeds and are 'born' as young adults out of a
> fleshy fruit-like pod.

This proves nothing. Look at it this way: the "seed" is genetically an
human foetus (in other words, a mammal), and the pod acts like an
artificial utterus or incubator. It's similar to clonning or artificial

And Aldryami describe it using the words "plant", "planting", "seed" by the
same reasons we say the earth his the organ of love... They use the
language that suites better their perception and POV on themselves.

> On the psychology front Sandy petersen - on eof the authors of Trollpak
> - - has said that, in Freudian terms, Trolls only have an id. They have
> ego or superego. That's a lot more than a minor mind-set difference.

Funny. Now, to play trolls you must know Freudian psychology... Problem is,
Freudian terms are not part of MY RW, how could they be part of my
Glorantha? I don't know Freud's writings extensively, but most of what I
know sounds unconvincing to me. I'm afraid that if you want psychology to
be part of Glorantha, you will had to go back to common sense, everyday
psychological concepts, not to scientific (or pseudo-scientific)

The irony of what you say or refer to, his that you accept without a second
thought the history about elves being plants, even if according to our RW
scientific knowledge that would be impossible (and we're talking here about
a very well established scientific knowledge). You accept-it because, I
suppose, Glorantha biology his not supposed to be like in RW.
At the same time you also want to support, without a second thought, the
idea that trolls have a certain type of psychology, based on dubious RW
scientific concepts.
I'm puzzled here: does RW science apply to Glorantha or not? Always or only
in some occasions? How can I know when it applies or when it doesn't?

> I'm sorry Sregio, but your basic assumptions, on which all of your
> arguments are based, are only true in your own Glorantha.

Certainly. And possibly in someoneelse Gloranth if that person buys my
arguments and incorporates them in his/her Glorantha.
 After all, It's not me that keeps reminding everybody that there is not A
Glorantha... (Even if I agree with it.)

Sergio Mascanrenhas


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