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Date: Sat 24 Jan 1998 - 01:32:18 EET

Philip Hibbs:

>>> But you could substitute Joe from RW to a human
>>> village, and he would not be seeing any more monsters than
>>> here.

Me>>In Dragon Pass (Uz, Beastpeople, ...
>>In Prax (Broos, Morokanth and Uz?) Even in Seshnela, ...
>>I hate to be blunt Panu but this claim is unadulterated bullshit.

>Panu's statement does hold true, however, for large portions of Ralios
>and the West.

Vermonstran? Kanthor's Isles? Dilis Swamp? Ballid Forest? Guhan?
Halikiv? Erontree? Winterwood? Naskorion? Tarinwood? Nida?
Belskan? Those are only the _major_ populations that we know about.
According to the Player's Book: Genertela, the western lands are
'dotted with dark woods and mysteries'. What would live in them?

Nick Brooke:

NW>> Perhaps Den Xi is the epitome of the good Kralorelan wife: beautiful,
>> servile, chaste, industrious; while Gong Xi is the bad wife: ugly,
>> quarrelsome, promiscuous and lazy.
>I like this: it makes sense, and is definitely preferable to the "mother-=
>in-law" suggestion. (Odd that Peter Metcalfe believes women find it easy
>to hate their mothers, BTW... :-)

You misunderstand. My proposal was that the women hate their
_mother-in-laws_ (ie the mother of the husband). To wit, they
have to put up with constant criticisms about how they are not
'good enuf' for a fit spouse for the beloved son etc. But the
women still have to be nice around them...

- --Peter Metcalfe


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