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> I guess a couple of living Iron Mostali have seen the Gods War. They still
> are the fighting force of the Mostali. Have they learned anything?

 Dunno. Trolls still know magics from Celestial Court members, at least
 indirectly, if Dame Darkness had anything to do with Nakala. Etc.

 Peter Metcalfe:

> > Open your eyes, then. Humans occupy about all open land on Genertela.
> > Some other races dot places here and there, and mix in elsewhere as
> > minorities.
> If they mix in then they are hardly 'put away'.

 Like putting indians to reservates and black and poor people to
 ghettoes... they are not considered part of community.
 You don't see many people going to ghettoes, for they (justifiedly)
 believe their life would be in danger.

 I should not have used that wording. They have their separated areas,
> > Why their preferred living areas must be
> > so different from human lands? IMO, uz would cheerfully take any
> > and all forested and rich lands given half a change. Mostali
> > factories could very well be above the ground in some places.
> Do you know why most Uz live in barren wastes? It's because
> there are wild trollkin eating everything that grows. They

 This could be one reason. It is also said that humans have
 driven trolls to their homelands from some places.
> advantages when combatting other foes. Above ground their
> earthsense is stuffed and they are nearsighted to the point
> of legal blindness.

 Hmm.. makes me doubt Iron Mostali efficiency.
> And you have chosen not to respond to the point (that Stephen and
> I have made) that the interaction of the type you suggest (elder
> races living alongside humans en masse) poses a great deal of
> difficulties. I wonder why?

 Not any more difficulties than putting Jews and Christians to
 same place. Different habits and stuff, yes. But not everyone
 wants to kill each other, some do. (The differences would be
 greater, though, but AFAIK there is no Jihad against Elder
 Races in any other than Malkion bible.)
> > Exactly. Ever wonder why dragon has to get a cave, when it could
> > just as well sleep in a river?
> Clue for Panu: Dragons are not Elder Races and do not sleep
> in caves. You must be thinking of the Other Game (tm).

 Dragonkin is Elder Race IMO.
> > I have said that to meet Elder Races you have to cross a border
> > (as Campbell presented it).
> So what? To meet the Praxians, one has to cross a border. Yet
> I don't see Panu crying in the wilderness about how the lack
> of Praxians everywhere in glorantha...
 Going to dangrerous land of savages, Prax is not same as going to
 Shadows Dance and to meet some people of the night. Praxians
 are humans, even if their neighbours do not appreciate 'em.

 I feel nothing comes out of this discussion.. I just started to
 wonder why things can be so easily regognized as Campbellian
 Heroquest in Glorantha, where everyone is very magical. So,
 therefore maybe there shouldn't actually be magical borders,
 at least very strong ones, that no ordinary person couldn't
 cross. And Elder Races would propably seek truths of the humans
 (and each other) vice versa. But the actual border (even if a key
 element) somehow does not support the idea of having people
 who can heroquest quite easily (others die as easily, admitted).
 I do not wish to change things in Glorantha, I like it. I merely
 considered an alternative possibility, as it made sense to me.
 I have no wish to continue this thread.

 'Dying of boredom is like being nibbed to death by angry ducks.'

 Panu Pasanen.


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