Incidental(?) scenes seen through blind eyes

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Date: Sat 24 Jan 1998 - 21:29:54 EET

>That explains Yelm's access to the restore sight spell.

Does this mean that the Uleria spirit of retribution has the power to bli=
heretics? :)

Then again, who would be classed as a heretic by Uleria??

Now on to the 'real' topic... How to deal (IMHO) with 'high-power
spectacular events', and how to make Glorantha 'your own' (only 500,000
Guilders from your nearest Issaries bulk warehouse!).

In order to bypass the multitudinous problems caused by interfering
time-lines between my own campaign, and those of the 'RWwide' Glorantha, =
decided to simply move the whole thing approx 100 years into the future
(hence the anachronisms as can be seen at
http;// This basically gives me as =
GM the freedom to (for the sake of MGF) do pretty much as I please, and
still use a lot of the published goldmine of material about societies,
people, etc.

So how do I cope with events that are very much tied to a particular date=
eg the cradle? In this case we ended up borrowing an idea from one of the=

Soloquest supplements, where the Aboriginal(?) concept of dreamquesting i=
explored from a Gloranthan perspective. Hence the characters can go on a
major quest, and wake up in the morning having dreamt of all the importa=
events (eg saying goodbye to Garath at the Corflu docks "Jump for it, or
you're done for..... I'll hold those Moon sons of UZbegotten whores off
until you're safely away!") with nothing worse to show for it than the od=
missing bronze arm stump and some very wet clothes. After all, there is a=

lot to be said for HQs being dreams... but from whose fertile imagination=

Staffan, =

aka Harry "Elf-friend and proud" Bushtill
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see you there... need any more slaves today? We have a special consignme=
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