Godunya and Boss Did It

From: Vesa Lehtinen (akuleh@sci.fi)
Date: Sat 24 Jan 1998 - 17:43:16 EET

> >Senile? Where did you get that from?
> Prosopaedia: 'In his rare public appearances...'. What type of
> leader do we know of that makes 'rare' public appearances? The
        I would not draw conclusions about Kralorela based of the 20th century. =
Godunya is
not a democratic or pseudo-democratic leader who is active in politics. =
He is a Dragon
Emperor with a divine status. He _does not have to_ appear before the peo=
ple to make
speeches or proclamations (except in *very* special cases) and it is _not=
 expected_ of him.

        Kralorela is very hierarchical society. Only people Godunya regularly =
deals with are
his pseudo-dragon bodyguards, Exarchs and mandarins and servants assigned=
 to take care
of his household. And his pets, probably. Exarchs delegate his directions=
 to mandarins, who
order their subordinates around. The large majority of Kralorelans do not=
 expect to see the
Dragon Emperor during their lifetime and if they do, that's something to =
tell your
grandchildren about. They feel the presence of their ruler through the =
social ceremonies
organized to honor him (and transfer magic power).
        Godunya himself is in the process of turning himself into draconic form.=
 The initial
stage he has reached may satisfy his subjects but he is still a beginner.=
 It takes centuries for

draconewts to reach what they want and probably longer for human beings. =
Still, that may
make his sterile, but not senile...
        What it means in game terms ? I haven't the foggiest idea...
        Some of his mandarins really may think that he is beyond the pale but =
IMO, they are
in for very unpleasant surprise ...

Loren Miller commented:
>You know what? I'd rather have the problem that I need to change one or =
>local event lines than develop all of them at once.
        My point may be similar; I'd rather get additional inspiration from what
the PCs do than have to watch them to do nothing.

>Untrue. It happens, but why are the people talking about Argrath destroy=
>the Devil's Head? Your player characters did it, but everybody thinks =
>Argrath was responsible. They ask the PCs what Argrath was like in perso=
        That's exactly what I think. IRW, the generals get the the credit and
soldiers get the bullet. Did Patton do nothing else than lead the soldier=
s in
Europe, for example ? I am not saying that leadership would not be import=
but the boss usually gets the credit of what you did, so ...

Death to Argrath
Vesa "Aku" Lehtinen


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