From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Sat 24 Jan 1998 - 23:58:00 EET

Owen Jones
>what do the dwarves see as wrong
>with the world machine, and what exactly are they doing to fix it? I've
>had a number of ideas, but they're still only part formed.

>Possible problems:

>2) The tilt in the sky dome/lozenge. Are there dwarves carting
>rock from Genertela to Pamaltela to correct the imbalance? Were the
>Western isles sunk to try and correct an imbalance, and are those being
>raised in the East part of the same soltion?

>4) Chaos. Chaos broke the world, so fixing the world may require it's
>destruction. However, we don't see dwarves above ground much, so what is
>chaos up to underground that the dwarves are fully occupied dealing with
>it. Could it be that the world has been in danger of being devoured by
>Krarsht throughout the ages, and only the dwarves constant struggle
>against them has kept us all from being devoured.

Actually, 4) might be the solution for 2). I'm pretty certain that some
Decamonists from Slon are just about to finish World Machine Disruptor
#97w392 "ragnaglar" to return to the surface world, only this time from the
south. This entry (which will cause some temporary problems in the Nargan
Desert - no problem there...) will push the Sky dome back north, and
everything will be hunkey dorey. Won't it?

>5) Really big problems, like putting the sun back in the sky 24 hours a
>day where he really belongs, or restoring the spike. I just can't imagine
>what dwarves could possibly be doing that might remedy these situations.

Well, once the dome is in position again, it may be allowed to stop rotating.

Sorry about all the quoting, but the idea has come along with sleepiness...


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