Science in glorantha

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Sun 25 Jan 1998 - 00:01:35 EET

Sergio Mascarenhas:

>The irony of what you say or refer to, his that you accept without a second
>thought the history about elves being plants, even if according to our RW
>scientific knowledge that would be impossible (and we're talking here about
>a very well established scientific knowledge).

Okay, I'll bite. Why are elves being plants impossible? Or have
you confused impossibility with RW nonexistance?

>You accept-it because, I
>suppose, Glorantha biology his not supposed to be like in RW.

Well ecology certainly rules in Glorantha and Trollpak is full of
information explaining the Uz in biological terms (cf the dissection
pic). Hell, we even have an evolutionary history of the creatures.

>At the same time you also want to support, without a second thought, the
>idea that trolls have a certain type of psychology, based on dubious RW
>scientific concepts.

And why is a pure Freudian Id personality impossible? Forget the
fact that it doesn't exist in humans. What is impossible about
such a personality existing in uz? Labelling the Uz as creatures
of the Id gives people a good grasp of how to understand them as
virtually everybody has some idea what an id is (as opposed to
modern clinical terms like a borderline personality).

>I'm puzzled here: does RW science apply to Glorantha or not? Always or only
>in some occasions? How can I know when it applies or when it doesn't?

It exists when it serves to illuminate some facet about Glorantha
or for Maximum Game Fun purposes or maintains some links with the
real world that allows a player to get a handle (ie gravity exists
because zero-g roleplay is far too bizarre).

It does not exist when it obsfucates Glorantha or forces us to
argue about subjects that do not impact on the average gloranthan.
An example would be: Do atoms exist? Do RW elements exist?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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