Uleria in Sartar

From: Pasanen Panu (passo@students.cc.tut.fi)
Date: Sun 25 Jan 1998 - 01:44:33 EET

 Jane Williams:

> Question 1: why is there a general assumption that these prostitutes are
> female? This is the comparatively sane Orlanthi society we're talking

 To my mind occurs the viking reaction to homosexuality: the passive
 partner is not considered 'manly man' no more. This could well be
 the case in Sartar. Ulerian temples would very likely then have lots
 of male initiates. I think even then the two sexes would have different
 positions and statuses in temple hierarchy, just what they would be,
 I have no idea.

> from unwanted side-effects. After all, you can't relax and enjoy Uleria's
> Love if you're worrying about how to support a kid.

 I always had in my campaign the Ulerians sell anti-pregnangy roots
 and stuff like that. (I have no faintes idea what people used in
 RW medieval times.) Curiously the female PC's ended up being the
 sole purchasers! Well, we had some lucky fathers.
> Sounds as if the Uleria temple is also offering psychiatric counselling
> on the side, after all that.

 Talking to the priestess from behind a curtain sounds familiar.

 Panu Pasanen.


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