From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Sun 25 Jan 1998 - 02:22:36 EET

Vesa Lehtinen:

NW>>>Senile? Where did you get that from?

Me>> Prosopaedia: 'In his rare public appearances...'. What type of
>> leader do we know of that makes 'rare' public appearances? The

>I would not draw conclusions about Kralorela based of the 20th century.
>Godunya is not a democratic or pseudo-democratic leader who is active in

If you look at history, you find the antics of many leaders then have
a depressing similarity to the politicians of today. Thus I make no
apologies for using RW political analogies and feel they are highly
relevant to the understanding of gloranthan motivations.

>He is a Dragon Emperor with a divine status.

He has a mantle of authority similar to the Pope, the Ayatollah, the
Japanese Emperor, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-tung and all
the bygone Kings and Emperors. All of whom have had to make public
appearances in their career.

Case in point: There was a widespread plague of locusts in China.
This would have been regarded as a sign of the imminent end of the
Mandate of Heaven. The Emperor sat down _in public_ and ate locusts
to reassure the _public_.

>He _does not have to_ appear before the people to make speeches or
>proclamations (except in *very* special cases) and it is _not
>expected_ of him.

This sort of authority has to be maintained. The people have to
be made _aware_ of his authority whereever they look. Or else

they will percieve his government as being weak. Now in Kralorela
because the population is so huge, the Emperor has to maintain
a large bureacracy to make himself known. But for this to happen,
he must give the bureacracts themselves confidence that he is
running the show.

Thus a Mandarin who visits the Capital should expect to see
Godunya even if he is kowtowing with others at the time. This
is the type of public appearance that Godunya would make. But
because Godunya's public appearances are described as "rare"
(compared to what?), gives me the impression that this is not
happening and that something is Wrong.

>Godunya himself is in the process of turning himself into draconic form.

Incorrect. He is developing a Golden Complexion. Whether this is
a sign of approaching spiritual enlightenment as his supporters
say or a sign of too much butter consumed over the years or simply

a gold proxy-automaton has yet to be determined.

>The initial stage he has reached may satisfy his subjects but he is
>still a beginner.

Godunya has been in power for five centuries. He is the longest
reigning Emperor since the Dawn. If he is still a beginner then
something is Terribly Wrong.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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