Re: Primal Trolls; "Dragonkin"

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Sun 25 Jan 1998 - 11:58:22 EET

Panu writes:

> Trolls still know magics from Celestial Court members, at least
> indirectly, if Dame Darkness had anything to do with Nakala.

WF p.40 (Deities of Darkness): "The mystery is not secret to the
inner deities of darkness, of course, but they do not share their
ancient secrets readily, even with their own kin." The section in
which this appears is the description of Nakala, natch!

> Dragonkin is Elder Race IMO.

Uh? Dragonewts don't live in caves. Is this a "Dragonlance" ref.?
(If so, it looks like *none* of our anti-Elder Race campaigners
uses our Glorantha as their game setting: quelle surprise!).

> I have no wish to continue this thread.


> 'Dying of boredom is like being nibbed to death by angry ducks.'

Thank you for sharing that with us.



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