Panu's boredom

From: by way of David Cheng (
Date: Sun 25 Jan 1998 - 18:23:27 EET

Hy Gloranthans,

 Pasanen Panu <> wrote:

> Exactly. Ever wonder why dragon has to get a cave, when it could
> just as well sleep in a river?
> Dragonkin is Elder Race IMO.

D: Dragonewts don't sleep in caves.

 Going to dangrerous land of savages, Prax is not same as going to
 Shadows Dance and to meet some people of the night. Praxians
 are humans, even if their neighbours do not appreciate 'em.

D: If the neighbors don't appreciate us Praxians then they should be raided.
They should be raided anyway, but...
Prax is not the same as going to Shadow's Dance, but in effect is the same
thing for this discussion. Praxians are humans. We Praxians don't see you
others as human and we treat you accordingly. You don't speak Praxian and
don't live by Waha!'s Laws. What is the difference between being attacked in
the night by a half-dozen trolls or being attacked during the day by dozens
of Praxians? It might even be worse because if you don't put up a good fight
the Praxians are likely to figure out (torture you to find out) where you
come from so they can raid your families who they've just learned are easy
So, Panu, if we ever meet I will show you just how close I fit your
definition of "human", and just how deeply you've insulted us
Praxians by implying that we are "humans like you".

  'Dying of boredom is like being nibbed to death by angry ducks.'

This wouldn't happen to a Praxian.
He Who Fears Violence Fears Himself. Daniel


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