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From: Stephen Martin (ilium@juno.com)
Date: Sun 25 Jan 1998 - 20:38:18 EET

Peter Metcalfe on Godunya's senility:
>If a freeform was ever run for Kralorela then Godunya would be a
>quiet chap who sat in the corner reminscing about the past while
>his courtiers plot against each other. Once in a while, he would
>come up with some demented plan (Sink the Pharaonic Fleet! Hold
>a funeral for the Outside World!) and everyone would fall over
>themselves to obey.

Well, this is a bit too simplistic for me, but I like the general gist of
things. I prefer that Godunya _acts_ like this as a test for his
subjects, but that he is really a shrewd old guy. He is the King of
Heaven, after all. And every emperor since Daruda has proven in the end
to be a dragon (except for Yanoor, but we have good reasons for why he
didn't make it), so I choose to have faith that Godunya will as well.

Interesting thought -- I assume that the current Sun is said by the
Kralorelans to be the Emperor who ruled until the Dawn, and who became
the Sun upon his transformation. So, this means that the Sun is literally
a dragon as far as the Kralorelans are concerned. I wonder what they make

of the Red Moon? What differences in solar worship would a Sun Dragon
give them?

>Of course if you just want Godunya as being an ageless
>dragon-in-human-form, then I can't stop you. But I do feel
>Kralorela would be a less interesting place if you ignored
>the human side of things.

100% true, but this does not mean that he has to be senile. And my
limited understanding of Chinese history often had emperors who rarely
appeared in public -- why does he need to strut himself in front of his
populace, when he has more important things to do, like oversee the
workings of Heaven?

And before people start objecting, when I say "Heaven" here, I mean the
land of Kralorela itself, which the natives view as being Heaven, or at
least Heaven on Earth. When the Genertela Book talks about the War in
Heaven (at the end of the Second Age), it means war in Kralorela itself.

Nick says, in part:
>Or get hold of DW#24 somehow and read Sandy's article on
>Mostali Earthsense, to see why dwarfs prefer the underground life.

Those with Web Access can see this in the Lhankor Mhy Library at

Sergio continues alone:
>I don't believe in trolls practizing extensive canibalism any more
>than I believe RW humans do or did it.

Except that it is not cannibalism for trolls to eat humans, only for
trolls to eat trolls. And while I won't go into _that_ discussion for
anything, where is oyur reason for trolls _not_ eating humans, elves,
dwarfs, or other really excellent sources of protein?

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