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Sergion on aldryami reproduction:
>This proves nothing. Look at it this way: the "seed" is genetically an
>human foetus (in other words, a mammal), and the pod acts like an
>artificial utterus or incubator. It's similar to clonning or artificial

Whoa, hold it -- you have gone way too far here, Sergio. What you said
here basically "proves" that every tree in the RW is a mammal! All of
them have "seeds", surrounded by a pod of nutrients (like the flesh of an
apple), and germinate (is that the right word?) after falling to the

Warning: if you continue to make statements like the above, you are going
to lose all credibility to discuss such matters. Really, I know very
little about biology, but I'm sorry, the first word that popped into my
mind at this was "ignorance."

Nick replies to Richard:
>> Must there have been an attack on Sog City by Harrek the Berserk?

>That's a historic event from the 1620 POV, so I'd say "yes". OTOH, if
>I was running a Fronelan campaign in the sixteen-teens, the PCs would
>have a chance of avoiding this, or changing history. What difference
>does it really make, in the long run, whether or not Harrek sacks Sog?
>We don't know of any special magical powers or treasures or wounds he
>got from this; we don't know that the city was particularly worse (or
>better) off after the sack; it gets just a few mentions in our Guide
>to Sog City (the USC Conference Guide), which could easily be changed;
>in short, I can't see that it matters much one way or the other, from
>most games' perspective. How would the main action of the Hero Wars be
>affected if he hadn't sacked Sog?

As support for Nick's points above, the one thing which _would_ be a
problem is if Harrek had destroyed Sog City completely. And we know that
he did not, as one of the later participants in the Hero Wars, Karndaro
the Leaper (one of the Grazer chiefs) goes there two decades or so later.

My suggestion would be that the early raid on Sog City by harrek have a
minor effect a few years later, when Argrath and Harrek are nearing the
end of their round-the-lozenge boat trip. And since the accepted Saga
does not have Argrath and Harrek going there, these events might not even

Jane Williams gives us an excellent analysis of a Ulerian temple. I guess
from the way that she talks that Jane has not seen the official write-up,
which appeared first in Different Worlds 38, and part of which is up on
the Gloranthan Web Page.

Hmm, need to look at that partial write-up and see if more should be put

Anyways, a few specific comments:
>Incidentally, the existance of a "fertililty clinic" separate from the
>"entertainment" section implies to me that the "entertainment" comes
>from unwanted side-effects. After all, you can't relax and enjoy
>Love if you're worrying about how to support a kid.

An excellent suggestion -- thus, one of the components of the
Erotocomatose Lucidity spell would be that it generally will not result
in conception. Though I have some small problems with this in a general
sense, none specifically.

>"Partnership" - as distinct from fertility or entertainment? Uleria's
>dating agency? Uleria's marriage guidance?

In the official cult write-up, this third aspect is more for "Community"
and "Comeraderis" than partnership -- it is a place for different people
to get together in a cordial atmosphere, and just have fun -- talking,
playing bingo or the equivalent, etc. Though I do like the idea of it
serving as a dating agency in some cases -- Gloranthan "Dating Game"

For a really good example of this breakdown of the Uleria cult's aspects,
just look at the names and natures of the three spells given to her in
Gods of Glorantha: Erotocomatose Lucidity ("entertainment" = sex);
Reproduce ("fertility"), and Community ("partnership").

> Dunno. Trolls still know magics from Celestial Court members, at least
> indirectly, if Dame Darkness had anything to do with Nakala. Etc.

Actually, this is not true -- it is specifically stated that trolls no
longer have contact with Nakala -- the Order and Pattern of Darkness is
no longer visible to them, or something like that. This might be from an
out of print source, possibly "The Greater Gods" from Wyrms Footnotes,
which I hope to have up on the Web Page before too long, Greg allowing.

On the subject of Multiple Argraths and Future Timelines:

Nick Brooke made a statement that the events given in King of Sartar do
not _have_ to be done by the people written, they simply have to be
credited to them 100-300 years after the fact. I feel this is 100% true.

KoS itself abounds with examples. Argrath is said to have lit the Flame
of Sartar in 1627, and yet very reliable sources have this even being
performed by Kallyr Starbrow in that year. Decades after the event, a
brown-noser employee of one of Argrath's commander's chieftains says that
Argrath did it. 100 years later, Kallyr is forgotten, and Argrath is
given full credit for the deed. As Kallyr is dead, she can't very well
take exception to this, can she?

I encourage everyone to read as many possible discrepancies and Argraths
into King of Sartar as you can -- the more you do, the greater the MGF
when you start to adventure in this period.

Stephen Martin
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