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From: Richard Develyn (
Date: Mon 26 Jan 1998 - 00:58:31 EET

Hello Nick and co,

(I'm writing from home this time - hence the different email address -
but it's still Richard now-we-know-who-he-is).

I'm sorry you ran out of steam before answering some of my points at the
end of my last post. My fault, I suppose, for posting such a long

message. Anyway, this time I'll put my main point right at the

- ------

I want to run my campaign in THE Glorantha. I am faced with the
situation where my knowledge of the world is partial, though I want my
players, ultimately, to be able to play a significant part within it

I can only do this if it is made clear to me what parts of THE Glorantha
which I know are sacrosanct and what parts are individual GM

If you say it's all sacrosanct, then my players will not be able to
affect events.

If you say none of it is sacrosanct then at some point or another
(probably pretty soon) I'm going to go wildly divergent from the logic
which holds THE Glorantha together. Unless I start putting a lot of work

into it, the fabric of my Glorantha may start to fray and crumble. THE
Glorantha will never have that problem.

- ------

I made the mistake in my original post of trying to suggest an answer to
this issue - and this has no doubt caused us to go round the houses with
our discussion. The bit between the dashes is the important part - the
next bit is optional reading.

I want to clear a few things up:

1. I do not like to run God-killing campaigns. I like to run well
balanced campaigns in a believable world. However, I like to give
characters, eventually, an opportunity to be *special*.

2. I do not like to have pre-determined scenarios where people have to
be killed, defeated, whatever at some point. I do accept that if you're

going to provide a "future" as well as "setting" then some pre-
determination is necessary, though it can be quite limitted.

3. I do not want to dictate the course of events in anybody else's

All I'm asking for is a little bit of extra information, which you may
well have, and which would give me flexibility within my own campaign.

I could talk more about this - but let's sort out the bit between the
dashes first.


- --
Richard Develyn


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