From: Kevin Rose (vladt@interaccess.com)
Date: Mon 26 Jan 1998 - 01:31:28 EET

>>He _does not have to_ appear before the people to make speeches or
>>proclamations (except in *very* special cases) and it is _not
>>expected_ of him.

>This sort of authority has to be maintained. The people have to
>be made _aware_ of his authority whereever they look.

But maybe not by public appearances. Did not the Japanese emperor speak
publicly for the first time at the end of world war 2, when he announced
the surrender? Until that point the contact that nearly all the people

had was the his picture everywhere. I understand that most people could
not really follow what he said, due to the formal court language he used
being so different from modern japanese. I don't think this remoteness
from the people adversely influenced the willingness of his people to die
for him.



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