Intolerant Theist

Date: Mon 26 Jan 1998 - 02:02:55 EET

Not much to do with Glorantha but Simon Hibbs comments in V5#355
"Well, since you're obviously an atheist I'm sure you truly believe this.=

The fact is that the vast majority* of the real-world human species
disagree with you."
This implies that you are part of this vast majority, and come over as a
patronising, bigoted, holier than thou twat! Until you can prove, as muc=
as science can prove anything, the existance of a divine being (no
particular religion alluded to here) then I DEMAND that my, and other
peoples, atheism be respected as equally valid as anyone else's theism.

The fact that 99% of people believe in a divine being does not make it so=
a few centuries ago the vast majority of people believed the world was
flat, were they correct?

Prove my belief in the non-existance of a divinity wrong and I'll
acknowledge I'm wrong, until then shut the fuck up!

I apologise to everyone else for this rant and if I've misinterpreted
Simon's comment then I apologise to him for the vitriol.

Duncan (absit invidia) Rowlands


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