Re: The Glorantha Digest V5 #359

From: Tal Meta (
Date: Sun 25 Jan 1998 - 17:50:10 EET

> From: "Jane Williams" <>
> Subject: Uleria
> Question 1: why is there a general assumption that these
> prostitutes are female? This is the comparatively sane Orlanthi
> society we're talking about, not the bigotted male-dominated mess
> the RW is trying to recover from. The object of the exercise is
> to celebrate Uleria's gift of love: aa far as I'm aware, men are
> capable of doing this, and women appreciate it when they do.
> I suspect somewhere in there you can also get lessons in
> technique. Married couples are under oath to stay faithful to each
> other: but who could object to learning how to better please your
> partner? Of course, getting the lessons before-hand might be an
> even better idea.

My thoughts exactly. I've always played that Ulerian temples contained
both male AND female supplicant's learning of love and how to better
please their future mates. They give not only advice on how to romance
your prospective mate, but step by step guidance on how to not only win
their affections, but how ro make them continue to grow throughout your
lives together.


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