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Mike Cule asked :
>One of my PCs is an Argan Argar troll trader who has just escaped from an
>island on which he was trapped for a year as the sex-slave of a sea nymph. He
>wants to take advantage of the increase this has caused in his Craft:Courtesan
>skill to join the Uleria cult. Does anyone think there is a market for a troll
>gigolo in Refuge?

In my Refuge, this Uz Ulysses could find at least two versions of
Ulerian activities in the Street of Red Lanterns.

Myrtis runs a real Temple of Uleria. In Frank Rafaelsen's classification,
the Initiates are "Auletrides" (Geisha?), "Devadasi", "Ganika" or "Hetairai"
(Demi-Mondaines, dancers, highly cultivated courtesans like the famous
They can be "social psychotherapists" as described by Pam Carlson but they
don't make contraceptives (they have to buy them to Alten Stulwig,
an apothicary known for his lecherousness).
Near the temple, Macwen sells some leather tools US Laws of Deccency would
prohibit to describe.

Amoli's Lily Garden is simply a brothel where the prostitutes are oppressed
and addicted to hazia by Madame Amoli.

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Pam Carlson :
>(This doesn't mean that there aren't women in Glorantha who use men to
>their own advantage - but I don't think that Uleria is the cult for them -
>Trickster, more like).

There is a connection between Eros and Eris (the Greek Trickster-figure).
See the myth of Paris and the Golden Apple. :)

- --
I have a question about Chalanna Arroy which must be very boring
to old-timers but I didn't find the answer in old digests.
1) what is the correct reward for a Heal spell. (I have other questions about
Healing but I will send them to RQ-rules-digest)
2) why should you pay (if you can not afford it, my PCs are not wealthy) ?
3) why don't the White Ladies resurrect everyone they can, even
poor peasants ?



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