Glorantha variants.

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Mon 26 Jan 1998 - 12:56:03 EET

 Sergio Mascarenhas <> says :

>Notice that the notion that trolls eat anything, including sentient
>creatures is not present IMG. Yes, most everybody accepts it, I don't.
>trolls may in certain very particular circunstances do it (usually
>according to very strict and exceptional rituals), but this is not the
>norm. I don't believe in trolls practizing extensive canibalism any
>than I believe RW humans do or did it.

If Trolls in your game are so radicaly different from the published and
widely accepted Gloranthan norm, the ground rules for their interactions
with other species are going to be very different to. So different, that
I don't realy see what this has got to do with Glorantha anymore.

What Richard Develyn is talking about is qute different. He evidently
does want to run games in Glorantha, but has difficulty sorting out the
'future history'. Same world, different events. This is inevitable
because his game contains different characters to everyone else's - ie
his player characters. Obviously, their actions will shape events in his
Glorantha differently from the way my PCs shape them in mine. However,
Richard and I could still have a usefull discussion about our games and
the ways in which things are working out, because the basic world is the
same.You on the other hand are just not playing in a world that is
recognisable to me as being Glorantha. That's not wrong - it's your
game, but I don't see that I can learn anything usefull about Glorantha
from discussing your game, anymore than I could by talking to someone
running a game in the Dark Sun setting, or Jorune.

>Think of it: a society where you don't have food shortages thanks to
>gardens; your dwarfs conceive to you beautifull and complex homes with
>the commodities you may think about; and all the hard work is done by
>trolls (which will live on any shit you throw at them)... And when any
>them tries to rebel, you just throw at them the other two!

What you need is the new, improved Lunar Empire - The only Empire that
washes redder than any other Empire before.

Simon Hibbs.


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