Godunya; Id?

From: Vesa Lehtinen (akuleh@sci.fi)
Date: Mon 26 Jan 1998 - 11:41:02 EET

Couple of comments
>(ie gravity exists
>because zero-g roleplay is far too bizarre).
        Well, IMG (because the first players asked) I told
them that "Earth Mother Loves Us All ands wants us to be
with her" hence the gravity. Falling from great heights,
though, is too much a good thing - she is too eager ...

>Do atoms exist?
        Does "Outer Atomic Explorers" ring a bell ?
>Do RW elements exist?
        Hopefully not.

Peter Metcalfe about Godunya:
        Awright, we apparently have a different conception
of a term "public appearance". To me it means just the like
Brezhnev waving from the Kremlin balcony. Meeting with
mandarins IMO is not "public".

>He has a mantle of authority similar to the Pope, the Ayatollah, the
>Japanese Emperor, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-tung and all
>the bygone Kings and Emperors. All of whom have had to make public
>appearances in their career.

        Yes, because they at least have to _pretend_ that
they are concerned of what the people think and rally them
to follow his cause. Godunya does not have to care and his
subjects do not expect him to. If he would, Kralorelans would
be mondo confused; "Emperor doing the Mandarin's work ?
Surely the end is near !"
        And the kind of locust-eating ceremony you describe
 would be just the "very special case" I was talking about.
        Of course it still undetermined what "rare" actually
means. Once a century ? (too rare even to my taste). It may
mean that his appearances are not regular (he does not take
part of the yearly ceremonies) or just that he appears only
once a year. But as Nils says, this is a conjecture.

>Incorrect. He is developing a Golden Complexion.
> Whether this is ... simply
>a gold proxy-automaton has yet to be determined.
        Interenting idea, in fact, but with that automaton
they could easily turn the rare appearances into common
appearances. That machine could easily exist to be used
in cases the Emperor is too busy or in some kind of threat
to be assassinated.
        In fact, there could be one those RW examples you
like; If the bodyguards of the presidents of most countries
would have their way, the president would _never_ venture
outside - somebody could snipe him ! And if he is physically
frail (possible even with high spiritual power) they would like
to keep all the possible distance between the crowd and the
ruler in case somebody could stab him. And the cultural
missile weapon of Kralorela is a crossbow - not to mention
"far-reaching evil magic of westerners..." After all, it is a
bodyguard's work to be paranoid...

>Godunya has been in power for five centuries. He is the longest
>reigning Emperor since the Dawn. If he is still a beginner then
>something is Terribly Wrong.
        Of course we could blame the God Learners again
 - disturbing the magic of the land - but you have a point.
Maybe I have misjudged his goal. Apparently emperor
Shavaya took the place of the sun during the Darkness.
Would Godunya attempt to do the same with his Complexion ?

> Talking to the priestess from behind a curtain sounds familiar.
         Right-o, man

Simon said that:
>On the psychology front Sandy petersen - on eof the authors of Trollpak
>- - has said that, in Freudian terms, Trolls only have an id. They have =
>ego or superego. That's a lot more than a minor mind-set difference.
        This is _very_ simplified, since I am more a Jungian...
        Very roughly speaking, Id is animal instincts who
Freudians so much deride. Since Superego is supposed to
be influenced by ubringing, all trolls would not benefit at all from
their mom=B4s ministrations and spanking. Does not make sense.
        Ego is conscious control. Lack of that does make sense.
        However, Id is supposed to be totally subconscious.
Part of the Superego is also supposed to be partially
subconscious - you parent's "voice" can take effect even if you
do not want that. So we can assume that what Petersen
_meant_ (where I have heard that before) that the trolls do not
have much self-control. I do not necessarily agree but that
_does_ make sense.

Death to Argrath
Vesa "Aku" Lehtinen


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