Creatures of the Id

Date: Mon 26 Jan 1998 - 15:52:15 EET

>> On the psychology front Sandy petersen - on eof the authors of
>> Trollpak - - has said that, in Freudian terms, Trolls only have
>> an id. They have no ego or superego. That's a lot more than a
>> minor mind-set difference.

> Funny. Now, to play trolls you must know Freudian psychology...
> Problem is, Freudian terms are not part of MY RW, how could they
> be part of my Glorantha? ....
> ..The irony of what you say or refer to, his that you accept without
> a second thought...
> ...At the same time you also want to support, without a second thought,

> the idea that trolls have a certain type of psychology, based on dubious
> RW scientific concepts.

     Slow down a bit here, Sergio. Sandy & Greg have stated more than once
that the Trolls, Elves & Dwarves were the Id, Ego & Superego. I too have

heard it at cons. That doesn't mean I like it, or agree with it. It means
its a fact of life in the 'baseline' Glorantha that most of us start out with,
and then modify. If you don't like/understand it, scrap it.
     _But_, it remains the case in the 'baseline' Glorantha, the one that gets
talked about here in the Digest; after all, we have to have a common ground to
start our discussions with.
     I am loathe to suggest that this be taken to private Email, as many people
seem eager to continue this subject. But to me the arguments appear to be
starting to go around in circles. Can we agree to disagree?

Loren: Great story about Bindle! More on the Blue People, please!

Micheal Schwartz:
>I liken the question of Argrath's identity to that of "the dread pirate
>Roberts" from "The Princess Bride": a succession of individuals assuming
>the role over the course of several decades. This is not only
>significantly more MGF, it allows any gamemaster's Glorantha to be
>different, yet still remain consistant with THE Glorantha.

     Yes, I agree with this also. But to add a twist, if one of the 'Argraths'
actually attains Heroic Stature, then he is likely to stop aging. Like Sir
Ethilrist & numerous other examples.


"The Muse struck me the other day, but I am recovering nicely"


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