Glorantha Digest: Overheard on the back of a bat

Overheard on the back of a bat

From: richard (
Date: Mon 26 Jan 1998 - 16:39:25 EET

[A little light relief]

1. Keep it quiet back there!

2. Isn't it my turn to steer? I never seem to get a go these days.

1. You know SHE always steers whenever SHE's on board. And anyway SHE's
better than you.

2. Oh yeah - did you see the way SHE took that last corner? At least two
initiates fell off!

1. That wasn't her fault. There's no discipline back there. They were
playing Tick Ball!

2. (shouting) Your dipping to the left again dear. For Bat's sake
straighten up.

1. Keep your voice down! You know how tetchy she gets just before the
moon's full red.

2. It's the way she flies that bothers me. She doesn't *feel* the
controls. She might have got it bound but she doesn't empathise with it.

1. Yes, well, I preferred her in her last phase. [sigh] You felt she
*listened* to you back then.

2. I tell you one day she's going to get Gemima hurt.

1. Gemima !?

Sizzling sound from rear. Strange smell wafts forward.

1. What are they doing now !?

2. I expect the barby's on the go. Fancy something?

The Crimson Bat swoops. Curses from its back. Down below a few
over-cooked saussages land around the tents and wagons of Biturian

1. Bloody daft idea this bat anyway if you ask me. One descent silence
spell and we'd be into the next mountain.

2. What about all them eyes all over the place.

1. We keep most of them closed to stop it getting a headache. For all
its size its no cleverer than you or I - we don't reckon it can handle
the extra input. Besides, it's probably short sighted.

2. I notice it's always peering up between HER legs whenever SHE's on

1. Can't be too hard on it, can you? After all, where are all the lady
Crimson Bats?

2. You mean it's a HE?

1. Of course it's a he. Haven't you seen the way the steering works. All
that time grooming it and you never noticed.

2. I suppose I'll have to call him Jeremy now.

1. Of course if a lady bat ever did show up we could be in a lot of

2. I suppose so.

1. Hardly bears thinking about, does it. Actually I think it's got HER
worried too, which is why we've decided not to take any chances.

2. I don't follow.

1. Oh, you will, you will. You see we've noticed how familiar you've
been getting with, er, Jeremy. I think he really likes you.

2. Yes?

1. When we get home, my lad, there's a little job we'd like you to do.
Any good with a poleaxe?

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