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Date: Mon 26 Jan 1998 - 17:15:01 EET (Jon Thorvaldson) says :

Simon said that:
>>On the psychology front Sandy petersen - on eof the authors of
>>- - has said that, in Freudian terms, Trolls only have an id. They
have no
>>ego or superego. That's a lot more than a minor mind-set difference.
>And for us people who hasn't read Freud, what does that mean?

Well, ok, I won't tell you to look it up in a dictionary, I'll do it for
you instead.

The online WWWebster dictionar says this :

Id : the, one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic
theory that is completely unconscious and is the source of psychic
energy derived from instinctual needs and drives.

Ego : the, one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic
theory that serves as the organized conscious mediator between the
person and reality especially by functioning both in the perception of
and adaptation to reality.

Superego : the, one of the three divisions of the psyche in
psychoanalytic theory that is only partly conscious, represents
internalization of parental conscience and the rules of society, and
functions to reward and punish through a system of moral attitudes,
conscience, and a sense of guilt.

Supposedly, trolls emphasise the id, mostali the ego and aldryami the
superego. ie :

Trolls are motivated by their instictual desires for food, offspring,
social power, etc. Their lack of an ego means that they have no real
sense of being a 'part of things', their lot in life is simply necessery
in order to get more food, beer, offspring, etc. The only way to prevent
them from satisfying their primitive needs is through force, or the
threat of it. They have no moral sense (superego), hence the brutal
nature of Troll society.

Mostali emphasize the Ego. Their whole purpose and raison d'etre is to
work on the world machine - their conception of reality. Their whole
lives are dedicated to fullfilling their need to feel usefull. Thier
personal needs (id) are of minimal importance and they have no moral
sense (superego) whatsoever. They simply do their job, whatever the
consequences - forever.

Aldryami emphasize the superego. Their entire lives are dedicated to the
protection and service of their mother Aldrya (internalization of
parental conscience), and their home forest. Their whole lives are
dedicated to the service of their home and people. Their personal
desires and needs (id) and sense of individual achievement and possition
in the scheme of things (ego) are superfluous to them.



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