Uz & Id

From: Frederic Ferro (
Date: Mon 26 Jan 1998 - 18:10:10 EET

Jon Thorvaldson asked about the sense and relevance of the Freudian analogy.
In his Second Topic, Freud divides the Self in three parts :
Id (urges, desires), Ego (the "I"), Superego (inhibitions, shame, censorship,
repressions) (the First Topic Division was Uncounscious, Preconscious and
Consciousness, IIRC the Traumdeutung).

We know the Uzs value mainly food and reproduction but I am not sure
we could call that a "pure Id personality", as that would mean they have
no inhibitions whatsoever, no "social consciousness". Some ZZs fit the
decription... A pure Id personality is a psychopath (or a Broo).

Stephen once said that the Dwarves would be the "selfish Ego"
and the Elves the Superego, but we could also interpret
the Mostali as the neurotic Superego where the individual Self vanish.

And Superego Elves look too much like those uptight Tolkien Noldor.
Maybe the Green Aldryami have cycles, as Nick Brooke proposed.

Sea Season : Id (Budding Buddies, annoying Faeries),
Earth & Fire Season : Ego,
Dark & Storm : Superego (To Protect and Serve, Kill the Meaties).

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"And so the obvious phallic symbolism of Wolverine's claws provides a
counterpoint to the Oedipal blindness motif of Cyclops' ruby visor."


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