"bless me sister, for I have sinned..."

From: Daniel McCluskey (Volt Computer) (a-daniem@microsoft.com)
Date: Mon 26 Jan 1998 - 19:19:48 EET

Panu, in a moment of inspired genius...

        Talking to the priestess from behind a curtain sounds familiar.

Confessor is an EXELLENT role for the priest(ess)hood of Uleria. The
goddess of universal love offering forgiveness and consolation for any act,
however vile. AND you can tell yer buddies that you were just going in fer
a shag.

It ties in wonderfully with the fact that often RW "johns" (prostitute
customers: JIC the slang term is not universal) are often more interested in
conversation than sex (and more embarrassed by needing the former as well).

This would explain why the Uleria temples are so popular with Humakti and
Yelmalions -- A place for them to go and mourn the people they've killed,
without having to suffer the taunts of their barraks' mates. (and, someone
they can talk to about the cute new boy in the unit ;-) heh heh heh...) The
"Price" of the visit could then be termed a "Pennance" and there would be a
strict confidence between a priestess and her "customers." Maybe a new
rune-spell ("Forget"?? "Change Subject"??) to protect it.

Love ain't just sex, it is also a shoulder to cry on and the knowledge that
someone is there for you, nomatter how bad you feel. I think that Uleria as
Universal Confessor is a perfect way to work around (or maintain) the
pubescent male fixation with free sex.

Those of us uncomfortable with roleplaying the "sexual enslavement and
degradation of women" can assign our Uleria temples to the role of confessor
and comfort-giver, and those of us who want our macho he-man PC with a
"rilly BIG sword" to visit a whorehouse after every combat, can have that

The true beauty of the whole thing being that no one will ever know for sure
what is "really" going on in those private sessions, and people can
customize "their" Glorantha for their own MGF, while maintaining complete
compatability with "The" glorantha as published.



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