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Date: Mon 26 Jan 1998 - 20:43:05 EET

Richard asks:

> Could someone please remind me whether and where I read something
> about the different phases of the Red Goddess (starting with "maiden"
> maybe...).

Where? Probably here. As to whether you read it... now *that's* a deep
philosophical question!

What was it about? If it's the piece I'm thinking of, most likely it's
one of David Cake's reconstructions of the "prehistory" of the Red
Goddess, tracing her career through the seven prior Lunar Goddesses:

        Verithurusa the Innocent Maiden, descending beneath the
                        horizon and returning besmirched and naked.

        Lesilla the Queen of Mernita, who gave her life for
                        her people but was betrayed by the Emperor.

        Gerra the Suffering Woman, degraded and tormented
                        throughout the long death of the Universe.

        Rashorana Illumination: "To live is to suffer: but to
                        suffer is not to live." Rebirth of Everything.

        Orogeria the Divine Moon Huntress of dawn-age Ariria,
                        who hunted and tamed the Star Bear.

        Natha the Avenging Balancer, bringing Nemesis to
                        maintain the necessary duality of the world.

        Zaytenera She Who Comes, the Great Mind, the state of
                        Universal Consciousness with the Cosmic Whole.

The Red Goddess, or Rufelza (this name is the Pelorian words meaning
"Red Goddess", nothing more), is the contemporary incarnation of the
primal Moon Goddess, who manifested in turn as each of the previous
Lunar Goddesses. And *she* is known as Sedenya, the Turner. But, today,
Sedenya is Rufelza (is Sedenya). Got it?

We'll be printing more about these lovely goddesses in the final version
of the "Rough Guide to Glamour", expected this summer (if we can get all
the goodies and approvals we need from Chaosium/Issaries by then). Greg's=

pamphlet, "The Story Of Our Red Goddess, Called Rufelza", goes into more
detail (and more allusion) about each of them.

Each of the Goddesses above is associated with a phase of the Red Moon (i=
order, Full Half (Verithurusa) through to Full Moon (Zaytenara). The stor=
of the Red Goddess -- and especially her HeroQuest -- follows the path of=

the earlier Lunar Goddesses. Zaytenera, at the end, may be a focus for
White Moonie devotion. In my "Moonbroth Murders" scenarios, the ceremony
of Holy Week at the Oasis includes an appropriately-phased day devoted to=

a ritual for each of the preceding Lunar Goddesses, culminating with the
Holy Day of the Goddess Herself at the Full Moon.

Each of the Goddesses' Myths is retold by an appropriate member of the
Seven Mothers: in order, these are Teelo Norri, Queen Deezola, Jakaleel
the Witch, Danfive Xaron, Yanafal Tarnils, Irrippi Ontor and -- of course=

- -- She Who Waits. The Mother experienced/embodied part of the Goddess;
by bringing all their stories, knowledge and being together, they taught
her how to be who she was, once more.

Bravo! to Simon for his all-in-one-place summary of the Id, Ego and
Superego as they apply to Gloranthan Elder Races. I used to think I
sort-of-understood what Greg and Sandy were getting at; now I *know*
I do, and see that it makes sense, too. Thanks for digging this out!



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