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Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 04:38:43 EET

Nick Brooke notes:
>Before our foreign chums misinterpret me: I'm not saying "We
>should turn Glorantha into a parody/pastiche of the real world."
>I'm saying that, by keeping an eye open for cases where a RW
>parallel Opens Doors, we can all save ourselves time and trouble.
        I am not against using RW parallels at all - I am using
them all the time - but I still think that not _everything_ should
be judged by 20th century standards and models. There is

enough of that in an average AD&D module where modern
morality is used in pseudo-medieval setting.
        (Surprisingly, there appears to be another standard
apparently used by many Finnish FRPG GMs - use only
_medieval_ analogies. Which is about as limited IMO.)

        And the following if a RW example when Kevin Rose says
>But maybe not by public appearances. Did not the Japanese emperor speak
>publicly for the first time at the end of world war 2, when he announced
>the surrender?
        My point exactly. People have no "access" to a divine
emperor. And I still think that part of the "MP transfer
ceremonies" contains a part that lets the emperor to "touch
the soul of his subjects".

Peter Metcalphe
>I think that
>given Sartar's popularity, every tribe in Sartar claims to have had
>its roots in the Orshanti clan.

        I agree. However, Sartar being a "civilizing influence" from
Esrolia makes sense to me. However, that also could be seen
as pro-Esrolian propaganda...

Vesa Lehtinen


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