Re: Alchemical Thingamajig

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 01:06:28 EET

Erik asks:

> I'll avoid breaking the rules by asking a question: I don't own the
> Dragon Pass boardgame - what the heck does the Dwarf's Alchemical =

> Thingamajig do? And I do not mean exact game effects, but what it is =

> supposed to do in Glorantha?

A man who Knows All about the cornils can break the rules, AFAIC*.

In "Dragon Pass", the Alchemical Transformer (known as the "Alchemical
Transmogrifier to those in the know, if you know what I mean) has the
wonderfully special effect of doubling the Range or Magic Factor of any
magical unit stacked with it. What's that mean "in Glorantha"? I dunno:
ask the Dwarf.

: The Alchemical Transformer was a marvellous piece of equipment, built
: from philosophers' dreams, arcane apparatus, and dwarf ingenuity. Its
: parts were loaded on sturdy wagons, which were drawn by blind cave oxen=
: and it was tended by devoted human worshippers.


*AFAIC =3D As Far As I Care.


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